Computer Repair & Diagnostics

RCS Computer Sales & Service works on everything from laptops, tablets, desktop computers, to all-in-one PCs and even servers used in your business enterprise. We provide computer repair services for all types of users – casual home users, gaming enthusiasts, businesses and even computer resellers.

RCS Computer Sales & Service has been In business for over 17 years, providing the expertise, knowledge and equipment to accurately diagnose any problem.

We offer reasonable pricing and will return your computer as quickly as possible. We keep many parts in stock to allow for rapid turnaround of your repair.

Quick List of Our Services

  • Custom-Built Desktop Computer Systems
  • Hard Drive Diagnostics
    • Data Backup
    • Data Recovery
  • Data Migration / File Transfer (Moving/Copying data from one hard drive to another)
  • Malware / Spyware / Virus Removal
  • Performance / System Optimization
  • Repair of a seemingly “dead” computer
  • Digitizer Repair/Replacement
  • Fan Replacement (your machine may overheat and shut itself down if the fan has stopped working correctly)
  • LCD Screen Repairs (for all-in-ones) including the screen itself, as well as the backlight and inverter
  • Motherboard Repair/Replacement
  • Increase of Speed / Performance
  • Memory (RAM) Upgrades
  • Networking / Network Installation
  • Installation of Operating System
  • Installation of various programs and driver updates
  • Power Supply Repair / Replacement
  • PC Cleaning
  • Warranty Service